In Dutch krokant means crispy.
Looking crispy in American slang
means looking good & fresh!
Our team delivers that extra
savory and crispy layer to your event.
And who doesn't like crispy things?


We are an all-round experienced agency. We've been to events, we've worked events and we know what makes a good event. A daytime corporate event or an all night party, we think it's the most important to know who your crowd is and make sure that they have an experience that fits them. Flexible and versatile, we've got it all.


Everything is possible!
- Dancers & Special Acts
- Make-up & Styling
- Event Production
- Hospitality
- Videoclips & Photoshoots
- Models & Actors
So, yes, everything.


Besides events we provide hospitality at corporate offices on a daily basis. Front desk hosts, baristas, showroom hosts, our hosts are fresh and professional and we'll make sure they fit your company.


We are specialized in making and styling one-of-a-kind looks for artists, performers, tv-hosts and other people who like to stand out in a crowd. We can design and create everything you want! You can find our most extravagant costumes at tv-show Drag Race Holland.