owner | concept creator | creative | booker | production | marvel fan
"normal get's you nowhere"

I am a creative, a go-getter, adventurous and an entrepreneur. Moving to NYC at a young age opened my world to exclusive events and unforgettable entertainment. I used to work professionally as a host, entertainer and dancer for many years and travelled around the world for this profession. Besides being a performer I always had a passion for styling, fashion and designing costumes. All the above made me want to start my own agency.
I love to create unique experiences and memories to elevate life!


costume designer & maker | stylist | creative | production |  techno lover
"more is more and less is a bore"

I gratuaded from Fashion School and I am a fashion designer. I love to create costumes that are unique and different but always fashion and with a femine touch. My love for parties includes hosting a party, doing production and making sure everybody is having a good time. Entertaining the guests but also the people backstage, is something that I'm passionate about. My deep love for parties and knowledge of fashion gives a modern and
creative mindset to the event business.