owner | creative director | marvel fan
"normal get's you nowhere"

I am a creative, a go-getter, adventurous and an entrepreneur. Moving to NYC at a young age opened my world to exclusive events and unforgettable entertainment. I used to work professionally as a host, entertainer and dancer for many years and travelled around the world for this profession. Besides being a performer I always had a passion for styling, fashion and designing costumes. All the above made me want to start my own agency.
I love to create unique experiences and memories to elevate life!


casting & project manager | cheese addict
"don't try to fit in when you're born to stand out"

Working as a model, actor, tv-host and dancer for many years was the perfect match to turn my experience into creating entertainment for events. In 2018 I was one of the contestants on the popular tv show “Expeditie Robinson” known worldwide as “Survivor”. Traveling across the globe and growing up and living in cities as New-York and Shanghai I'm a believer in the strong value of being your creative self in a true multicultural environment and the effect it brings onto people, the arts and society.


stylist | dog mom
"no risk no story"

I graduated from Dance Academy and danced my whole life. I lived in Marrakech where I performed in big dinnershows. Besides dancing I always had a passion for fashion styling. The last couple of years my focus shifted more to styling dancers, artists and fashion shoots. I love to help people become more confident through fashion.


operational & project manager | photographer | love for everyting pure and weird
"she done already done had herses"

After trying a BUNCH of things in life I realized that I really love to help. In any way. Help kids have their best summer vacation, help old people with dementia having their best last moments in life, help animals in need and help my amazing colleagues, clients and our hosts/performers the best I can to make their jobs easier.


tailor | designer | plant daddy
"I have a passion for fashion"

As a young kid I always was super creative, playing with dolls and helping my grandmother in her atelier to make skirts and dresses for my neices.After I graduated from the school of fashion and tailoring, I went to the school of arts and graduated summa cum laude and started directly my own brand. As a creator I always strive for the best in the most outgoing looks. I love to explore with materials to create something you would not expect in the first place.


office & atelier manager | assistent tailor | k-drama obsession
"nothing lasts. nothing is finished. nothing is perfect."

I gratuated from Fashion Academy as a tailor. My passion started when I was young by making outfits for my Barbies. I love being creative and creating things with my hands. Besides making costumes I love keeping things organized and tidy. I love to see my creations come alive when working and styling at events & shows.